Personal note from AbbasGirlMe:
I originally saw this on a blog that I have since unscubscribed to (and warned you about). So, by simply going to the video source and the original video posting,I am sharing this from Megiddo Films with y’all…

This is a MOST important synopsis, settle in and give it the full time. Remember…”and if possible, to deceive even the elect…” We live in dangerous and abominably apostate times, and we are to be wise regarding the lies of the enemy. If we are not, then we are sitting ducks (READ YOUR BIBLES FOR PETE’S SAKE, SO YOU WILL KNOW THE WORD AND WHAT IS TRUE!!), and we will be woefully inadequate to confront the lies that are leading so many into hell…remember…most of all, we have got to KNOW scripture in order to rightly apply it in all things! And if you run into anything that even smacks of this kind of apostasy…RUN! my apple crate now… 😉

Check out their other films, and their site…no unsavory surprises there, just sayin…and enjoy!