I want to recommend Brannon Howse’s webTV site…It is new, and he just started a four part series on what is going on in the world, how it came to be and has both taken root and flourished, and how the church has allowed it to impact it’s (largely false these days) message. His guest is Carl Teichrib…each show is one hour in length, and well worth it for arming the Body with an overview of what is and what is coming in these last days. Yeah, I know we have that knowledge through the Word, but I tell you, HOW it has and is being accomplished is incredibly interesting. It also lets you know what you probably do not know…what is REALLY being taught to your kids,what is REALLY being promoted, and when we have that insight we can protect our families by being able to address it in it’s entirety, we can warn the brethren because we will know what we are really seeing infiltrate the Truth, and when talking to the lost, we will know the indoctrination we are up against, and have scripture ready in mind to address it. We are to know our enemy, not put our heads in the sand. And part of being in the world and not of the world is knowing what the subtle lies and beliefs of the world are…so we do not step into them ourselves. There is no reason to not be forearmed….just sayin. So, anyway…as you can tell, I highly recommend this link, and the invaluable info that Brannon supplies us through it. Did you know that religion is the hingepin upon which all things political, social and global consists of? True. Now, let’s define that: http://www.wvwtv.com