Reposting a blog post from my old blog, from February 23,2009:


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about all of the things that we find in prophecy in the Bible concerning the last days, and I’m stunned at just how quickly so many have come to pass in just the last year.
Actually, my mind goes back to around 2000. When I was told in a dream that George Bush would win the elections and I would be better off in any other country. I thought “how in the world could that man win anything? No way!”. Yes, he said he stood for Christian values, but I mean…he was dumb! For all intents and purposes it was a giveaway to Gore (Who I could never vote for either). And then…the “hanging chads”….that man won. I was astounded. I should not have been…I was told he would, but I was nonetheless.
Then one morning I woke to the sound of what I thought was another “war of the worlds” thing going on, on my radio. HUH? I went out into the living room and the TV was on and a plane was bombing into the World Trade Center, and I heard (very distinctly) “Now it begins”. I watched in abject horror as some news announcer told us that we would hear of wars and rumors of wars…well…hmmmm.
Now…we have all the changes that have taken place since then…all the prophecy that has been fulfilled….and I think….
What do I think?
That this world is getting exactly what it insisted upon. That our Nation has gotten the Leader it deserves. That there are about as many Biblically sound churches left as hen have teeth. That there are so many lost and on their way to Hell who either do not know it, or do not believe it, or simply do not care. That there is SO much work to be done! That I have not done nearly enough for the Kingdom of God….
I remember the first time I saw Barak Obama….I was clicking through the channels and one of them was dear old Oprah, and there he was. Something in the pit of my stomach knew He was the one. The one that had to come. The one who would lead us into utter destruction and hasten the end…he was that one!
And so, here he is. People who call themselves “Christian” were fairly swooning over this man. Who cares that he stands for all the destruction that the Enemy revels in? Who cares that he has absolutely no moral standards? He has charm! (It’s a verb people!)
And, now….well, now, in a nutshell………
Good bye United States of America….Hello European Union…..Hello One World Order….
I wonder what our new flag will look like?
UPDATE: It will be the flag of the Kingdom of Christ….and so, what really matters is that we redeem the time and get the Good News out to all we know who are perishing, and some that we aren’t too sure about, too… 😉
(Disclaimer…some earlier [posts contain a bit of rougher language. Not blasphemy, but slang for angry, poop (no, not the “sh” word), etc. So if you visit there, just know that ahead of time. I could go back and rewrite them, but I’m not. I’m letting them stand as they are. If mild language offends you, please don’t go there, k? Maybe one day I’ll rewrite them, but in the meantime, I’ll tellya…the two words for angry and poop still make their way outta my mouth at times, and until they do not, I will not misrepresent myself by rewriting my earlier comments. *sigh*…Still workin’ on it, dear brethren. And I still believe that this nation is and has gotten exactly what it wanted…just sayin. Maranatha!