It was brought to my attention (unfortunately, again, as I had known this, but didn’t really think of anyone actually looking at more of this guys posts. Ugh) that the blog “Slave of Christ” is rife with nudity, perversion, completely inappropriate videos, etc. Therefore, I need to apologize for promoting him through reblogging anything good there.

This is the comment I received…

“Hey AGM,
I asked my wife to check out the source of this article, and she was horrified to see the amount of nudity, sensuality, videos with women kissing…etc. He calls himself a slave of Jesus, yet he posts this sort of material (in arts and entertainment)? He may have scriptural posts and all, but a picture is worth a thousand words and we must guard against desensitizing ourselves and those who read our posts. We have a great responsibility here and this guy/girl is obviously not taking his walk and responsibility seriously if this is the sort of material he accompanies his posts with. Just lettin’ ya know my friend.

I wholeheartedly agree with our brother!

In truth, I had known that about him in the past. I had actually confronted him about the things he posts, on FB, and he didn’t “get it”, so instead of having his stuff coming up in my newsfeed, I unfriended him, and subscribed through my email so I could get an idea of what he had posted before even opening it, deleting his perversity, and reading things that were appropriate and okay. So I compromised. And I hate that I did. I am subsequently unsubscribing from his blog, and issuing a STRONG WARNING…he is posting too many (actually, one is enough, and if he had repented it would not be an issue, but he did not, he rationalized) things that are completely inappropriate to a follower of Jesus Christ.

Please avoid his blog, as you never know what will assault your eyes and your heart…all in the name of truth and Christ :-((….and know that I shall never use him as a resource again! I am so sorry…I shall never compromise integrity in Christ for a good post again. I humbly ask your forgiveness.

Again,PLEASE…avoid the blog “Slave of Christ”. While some articles are good, the amount of perversity this man, who calls himself a brother in Christ, posts is unacceptable and ungodly.