Doesn’t get much better than Jonathan Edwards. If you answer an honest “yes” to these questions, be encouraged. But if, in all honesty you cannot…be diligent…and keep working at crucifying your flesh in obedience to Christ. Honestly, these are simply part and parcel of being a follower of Jesus Christ, and with His Holy Spirit, we have no excuse to NOT be doing these things. So…let’s get right with Him about this, shall we? God never said we could be sluggardly and lazy in our walk with the Lord. And if we do not care about these things, then really…how much do we really care about the One who died for our sins…including the ones that we are pridefully refusing to examine? To be honest, there are a few on that list that need my utmost attention, and I’m sure that there are for you as well, so don’t think you’re alone in that. How about we buckle down and take ’em on as we walk His narrow path and look forward to His return?  Then when we see Him face to face, we won’t want to look at our feet in the shame of not doing what we know we ought to, and in that, willfully sinning.  Just sayin.  😉