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The nature of Christ’s salvation is woefully misrepresented by the present-day evangelist. He announces a Savior from hell rather than a Savior from sin. And that is why so many are fatally deceived, for there are multitudes who wish to escape the Lake of Fire who have no desire to be delivered from their carnality and worldliness. ~A.W. Pink

I do not think the devil cares how many churches you build, if only you have lukewarm preachers and people in them. ~C.H. Spurgeon

There is a common, worldly kind of Christianity in this day, which many have, and think they have enough – a cheap Christianity which offends nobody, and requires no sacrifice – which costs nothing, and is worth nothing.~ J. C. Ryle

Look around you. What do you see the most of? Those who are held in the sway of the devil and who worship the things of this world, the perishing? Those who profess to be Christ’s, but who in almost all respects have never left the world they have been held captive to? That’s mostly what I am seeing these days, and it sickens my heart. I look around, and of course, being in this world I see those who love their sin and hate the moral truth of God and the fact of His impending judgment and their need of salvation…that goes with the territory so I expect it….but when I look at those around me who claim Christ, horrifyingly, there is not that much difference.

“Christians” who go more by the satanic religion of psychology. Where the Word is okay for some things but “times have changed” and only psychologists (including “Christian”counsleors or “Christian” [false] recovery groups) can figure out people (which is just another version of “Did God really say?”). Yes, Sparky, He did…and He called what you do sin, because it is, no matter what mommy or daddy or hubby or whoever “did” to you!.

Some live by the ever-present demonic lie of feminism. Who cover their rebellion against God and their husbands with the claim that women who submit are always abused by some guy so they do not have to submit to their husbands because they might “abuse” them (and most often dishonestly claim that merely disliking something about their husbands or that their husbands actually have the audacity to require them to behave like they should or, horrors, tell them “no” about something they want constitutes his “abuse”. No woman should ever have to die to self for the God appointed head of her home!).

And then there are those who want to so blend in with the world that there is no way to tell they are “Christians” unless they tell you they are. Not much light there….just sayin.

I guess that today all of that was really demonstrated to me in a way that completely makes me reel at the truth of how much knowledge does not save, if there is no actual ongoing life application. Paul would call them carnal Christians (. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God..Romans 8:7    For our glory is this, the testimony of our conscience, that in simplicity of heart and sincerity of God, and not in carnal wisdom, but in the grace of God…II Corinthians 1:12… ), I just call them deluded self involved God haters who want a cozy “Y’all come on in because love is all I speak about and I love everybody regardless of their unrepentant sin” Jesus. Or a Jesus who says hard things to other people but not to them.

Today I ran into a person that I know casually and who is militant about proclaiming Christianity, but who only really focuses on women’s rights, politics, and pop psychology…all the while she wants to stage a sort of bible study sit in, in the sight of a pagan business (which is a gross misuse of God’s word. Evangelize them, don’t use a “Bible study” to be up in their face just to make them angry, for Pete’s sake), or has nothing but trash to talk about anyone she may have in common with you, or who glows at the retelling of how she was involved in a form of politics and what is going on politically is what captures her undivided attention….but when the conversation is about how terribly lax we are at proclaiming the gospel, or how can faith come by hearing if we do not speak, or how it is NOT wrong to NOT raise your kids to be like the world (yes, they CAN wear dresses and not play all day with a computer and actually live more like people used to before the “norm” became young teen dating and video games and clothes that make kids look like underage adults on the prowl. And NO they are not suffering from the lack of worldliness, they are growing in godly focus and in integrity and having good morals instilled in them. And yes, they will be able to go into a career of their choosing, and learn what they need to know about it as they pursue it and will be just fine, like generations were before all the “stuff” that they are being “deprived” of even existed….hello!), she glazes over and talks about how her husband is bothered by not evangelising, having “stories” about certain individuals…yada yada yada….

And she represents the majority of what sadly passes for “Christianity” out there…like it or not. (Another example of knowledge and application not being the same thing at all, even though she reads the Word….I think, from what she has said). But it is not only this person, it is all around me. She just really brought the whole thing home for me today….with so many claiming Christ…where are all the Christians???

Do you know that only 3% of those who profess Christ have ever read the Bible from cover to cover? 3%! That’s 97% of people who claim to be Christians who have never read the whole Bible! Let alone read from the Word every day! These are Cultural Christians who do not want to offend with the gospel (mostly because they have no idea what it is, they were either raised in a church and said the salvation incantation when they were kids and think they’re “in”, or they got their emotions tweaked one Sunday by a “emotovangelist” and recited it then), who may sit in some pew every Sunday but who care little how they offend a holy God with the way they misrepresent Christ (always loudly and with alacrity) to the watching world, or how they make Jesus look like just another guy who offers fire insurance while you can play life in a burning house and not get scorched. Or who represent Christ by constant gossiping (and don’t think the hell bound unsaved don’t notice that! Lovely.) Who subscribe to a humanist worldview because the Bible was written a long time ago and things have (somehow) changed (“God needs to get with the times”. NO. He made the times, you need to get with God!)Who care little about what God actually says and what He means and that He still means all of it, and how actually nothing has changed from those days except how disgustingly arrogant and “sophisticated” the world has become and how much the theology of the Enemy has infiltrated every mind and church and culture in the days since.

Cultural Christians who never once questioned the veracity of the lies that have been shoved down our throats since birth (Psycho-babble, evolution, women’s “liberation”, social programs, entitlement, false freedom, etc) and who carry those with them into their false Christian life, making the Word somehow bend to fit, instead of bending their own understanding of truth to what God says. Not having the sense to see that what they believe and what God says are diametrically opposed and butt up against each other, both not being able to be true, and only ONE Truth is TRUTH, and it is GOD’S. Who refuse to take a biblical look at how they live and what they do and that, no, they are not basically “good” and are in dire need of genuine repentance and surrender to Christ as LORD, and not just a Savior from hell…but THE deliverer from sin in the face of a holy and just God. Maybe the two formerly named groups are really the same? Can one belong to Jesus and not see life from His perspective? Can one really be Christ’s and never give a thought to what the Word says, but think only like the world? 😦

Regardless, I have to ask….What is going on????? Is actually believing the word of God…all of it…and desiring to live it and obey it and look at everything in this world through the accurate lens of it somehow bizarre?? Freakish? Jesus freakish??

For the record, I don’t care about politics (God will appoint who HE wants. No one will be in any office that HE has not put there…reality check…you can vote…GOD makes the decision, not you). And don’t comment to try to tell me how it is our “Christian duty, etc” to get out and vote. It is a freedom and a choice, and that is all it is. But God appoints all leaders, regardless of how much false power you may think you have in marking those ballots. Patriotism to a nation is a false religion that I do not subscribe to. I am “patriotic” to the kingdom of God. Our focus is on following Christ in obedience and on spreading the Good News, not on politics.  If you have read The Book, then you know what will happen because God has ordained all of it and has told us, the stuff in between is just how He is doing it, and that is in HIS hands and all is well.  No candidate is going to change what God has ordained. You want to change things…spread the gospel. Salvation is the only way anything changes because it is the only way God changes wicked people. Our examples are in the Word, and you’d be hard pressed to find any references to Jesus, Peter, Paul, James, Timothy, et al concerning themselves with who was put in authority from Rome, but only on WHO is in authority over everything and preaching the gospel and discipling the converts. ‘Nuff said.

I also don’t care about supposed women’s “rights”…we have the right to obey God, to honor our husbands and submit to them as to the LORD, because we have NOT gotten what we “deserve”…which is hell….because of Jesus Christ. We do NOT have the “right” to belittle and malign the word of God because WE do not want to submit to our Lord (who, BTW, if not the Lord is certainly not the Savior) and have to give up what WE want to anyone. If we are not submitting to our husbands, then we are not submitting to God. If we are not submitting to those in authority over us, then we are not submitting to God. (One caveat…unless either requires we go against scripture and to sin) And that requires faith in Christ, and trust in God. And without that, really…what’s the point?? It makes any Christ profession an empty one, at best. What? I’ll obey as long as it feels good or it doesn’t go against what the world says??


We do not have the “right” to view Scripture through a totally humanist lens and make it somehow fit what we want it to mean.  Did Jesus suffer and die and rise again so that we can go merrily on our self-centered little way, living mostly as we did before while tossing in some Christian platitudes to make US feel better? Did God sacrifice His Son so that we can live just like the world, think just like the world, act just like the world?


And so, I have to say I’m more than a little frustrated and disgusted with the state of what passes for the Church….which is not THE Church at all, but a compromised, watered down, lukewarm, self-centered, worldly imposter, populated by people bearing the same ungodly attributes, while they go around being an example to a dying world of all that Jesus is not.

If you are truly in Christ, then you are all in. If you are not all in, then you are still all out. There is no middle ground, no matter how much Satan may appealingly try to convince you that there must be. Look at our examples in Scripture….see many worldly, carnal, shallow, half in Christians there? Now look at what passes for Christianity in this quickly sinking world. See the difference? I do. And it really bothers me. Tremendously.

And I just had to get that off my chest.