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In the very near future, I will be doing the very hard thing of obeying what God says His children are to do regarding false teachers, false prophets, apostate “pastors” within the Body….

I do not relish this act of obedience, but looking at what God says and looking around at the plethora of apostates, heretics, wolves in sheeps clothing in my area, I have to. So in the meantime, a quote for y’all to think about:

“A shepherd protects the sheep by laying in front of the entrance of the sheep pen so no enemy can get by without him knowing. But today the shepherds of the church have made the entrance so wide that the wolves just walk right by the shepherds who are saying God bless you and welcome to the wolves. Elders are to watch over their flocks (Acts 20:28-35), not put them in harm’s way.”~Mike Oppenheimer

And the goat chips can just fall where they may…..to be continued…….