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I Surrender Some

When I was growing up, our church used to sing the song “I Surrender All”. It contained the line:

“All to Jesus, I surrender,

I surrender all.”

I surrender ALL. According to the dictionary the word “All” means “The whole of one’s possessions, energy, or interest”. In light of this, what we are saying when we sing this song is this:

“All to Jesus, I surrender,

I surrender the entirety of my possessions, the entirety of my life, He has become the entirety of my interest, and it is to Him that I will give over my mind, heart, soul and strength.”

I was thinking about this song recently and it occurred to me that most of us either don’t understand what it means to surrender all to God (having never been taught Scriptural truth), we don’t believe that our songs are to be accurate representations of our relationship with our Lord (also proving we have never been taught Scriptural truth), we fail to comprehend the meaning of “all” as it applies to our relationship with God or, when we sing this song and others like it, we are lying.

Yes, lying.

A strong charge? I don’t think so. Certainly there are those who are young in the faith or immature in the faith or have been in “church” all of their lives but have only recently come to the Lord’s True Church to whom this might not apply but many who sing these words have no intention, no desire, to surrender everything unto God.

Before we get down on them though, let’s examine ourselves. What about you and I? Are we willingly giving up complete and total control of our lives, of all that we are and all that we have, to God?

Are we willing to trust God with…

All of our money?
All of our time?
All of our talent?
All of us? Our hearts, minds, bodies, souls…everything?

What if we are called to seriously cut back on family entertainment in order to help a financially poor family? Or, if, in order to help spread the Gospel, we had to sell our practically new car and drive an older one? What if helping a missionary means we can’t go out to eat as often as we’d like? What if it means we can never go out to eat?
What about giving God all of our time? What does that mean? Are we willing to do without our television shows in order to study His Word or listen to sermons by men of God who will lovingly and carefully expound His Word to us? What if the latest novel must be laid aside in order to pray? What if giving God all of our time means that we end up serving someone who has been anything but kind to us? What about giving Him our talent? Using the gifts He has given us for the furtherance of His Kingdom rather than the furtherance of our own? Can we do that…and praise Him for the opportunity He has presented us?
Can we, do we, willingly and without hesitation surrender up to Him our…


Remember, if we aren’t serving Him with all that we are, we aren’t serving Him at all. Surrendering some to God is the same as surrendering nothing at all. So this is what it comes down to: if we aren’t willing to surrender everything to Him, we aren’t His child and we need to stop pretending we are. And, if we are willing to give Him everything but we haven’t yet done so, we need to repent and bury ourselves away with Him until we do. Otherwise, we just might find ourselves among that sad group who says “But Jesus…I did this and that in Your Name” only to hear Him say “I never knew you.”

~Anna Wood/The Cross Is All