The laws of God are not simply external statutes, published and passed by some congress in heaven; rather, the laws of God reflect His very character. They are an expression of God Himself. So to break any of God’s laws is to live against God. It is to live contrary to Him. ~Mark Dever
To my friends and family who say they believe in Jesus Christ, but who continue living like they always have, doing what they have always done, and then trotting God out when they want something, are in some kind of trouble, or just want to… make a good (false) impression…time to get real. You are not His. If you were His, you would be living for HIM 24/7, obeying Him, surrendering to Him….and you condemn yourselves by your very life and lifestyle.You drag yourself, your family, your children (your CHILDREN!) to Hell with you every step you take as you walk in rebellion and vileness and drunkenness, and depravity…and as you teach those in your care to do the same, by your example…
Yes, this is hard to hear…it is hard to say…but even the demons believe who he is and at least they have the good sense to tremble. You do not. He is not your puppet, your candy man, your delivery boy or the “man upstairs” (God is not a man…He created man!)…He is THE LORD…THE MASTER….and the only way to salvation is through repentance and surrender to Christ.Now, y’all have been playing a very dangerous game…and it is with your eternity. Right now, if you died tonight, you stand condemned by a Holy God. And your eternal sentence will be Hell, where the worn never dies and torture never ends.

I cannot tell you…there are no words…how MUCH I do not want you to be there! I love you, and if this wakes you up in any way…I am glad for the hard words, the hard truth. DO NOT GO TO HELL!!!

No…you are NOT good enough! No…there are not enough good things you can ever do to outweigh your sin against a Holy God! NO! NO! NO! There is only ONE way….and this is it…THIS is the Gospel that saves:

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You do not know when God will require your life of you…tonight…tomorrow….today…and there are no “Do-overs”….this is for real and it is for keeps. PLEASE…I’m begging you…Repent and be saved. I want to spend eternity not only with my Master, but with those who I love so much in this world….YOU. ♥

1Corinthians 1:18 For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.