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This is one good article by a sister whom I have a lot of respect for…please take it to heart if you call yourself by Christ’s name. In the word of God, there is no such thing as ‘tolerance’….for sin or anything less or different than what the Word says…you either believe ALL of God’s word or you cannot call yourself one of His children. He has no children who would call Him a liar by picking and choosing what bits of scripture they will deign to obey.

And for those within the Body to have the audacity to attack a brother or a sister for believing and adhering to the whole word of God…you should be ashamed of yourselves. If anyone needs correction, it is those who make a practice of the ungodly “unvirtue” of “tolerance”…

Brothers and sisters, the shame does not lie in being labeled intolerant (or rigid or old-fashioned) by those who only pretend at Christianity; the shame, from the standpoint of Truth, lies in being tolerant of sin in any form at all. It is in this as it is in all things: God, and God alone, Whom we must please. May we, by His grace, repent and start today.”

As a Christian woman who tries hard to live what she believes living in a secular society that casts dispersions on the Lord I serve and a mother of many in a child-hating world, I’ve had more than my share of slander for being too rigid. One expects that from a secular society, but from the church? Shockingly, the worst of the attacks upon me for living my beliefs haven’t come from without the church but from within. It’s been fellow Christian M … Read More

via Modesty: The Forgotten Virtue