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The ungodly often think that all that God requires of them is to “believe” in Him. However, God does not require just belief (the demons believe and tremble); He demands obedience. We are to bow to the Lordship of the One who gave us life. He is the Lord and if the world refuses to bow to His absolute sovereignty now in mercy, they will bow later in judgment. “Salvation comes not by ‘accepting the finished work’ or ‘deciding for Christ.’ It comes by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ, the whole, living, victorious Lord who, as God and man, fought our fight and won it, ac- cepted our debt as His own and paid it, took our sins and died under them and rose again to set us free. This is the true Christ, and nothing less will do.

“But something less is among us, nevertheless, and we do well to identify it so that we may repudiate it. That something is a poetic fiction, a product of the romantic imagination and maudlin religious fancy. It is a Jesus, gentle, dreamy, shy, sweet and feminine, almost effeminate, and marvelously adaptable to whatever society He may find Himself in . . . He is used as a means to almost any carnal end, but he is never acknowl- edged as Lord. These quasi Christians follow a quasi Christ. They want his help but not his interference. They will flatter him but never obey him.” A. W. Tozer

Zephaniah 3:2 She has not obeyed His voice,
She has not received correction;
She has not trusted in the Lord,
She has not drawn near to her God.

via The Daily Evidence