Has anyone noticed just HOW much we all indulge in long vacations to MeVille? Me, Me, Me….I think this, Blah Blah Blah….It is like SmallVille, only tinier…ME….

Whenever I go traveling into MeVille….down the Main Street called Myself…it always seems to go something like this:

“Oh yeah? Well, what about MEEEE??” Or…”How could that person be such a nincompoop…I think this or that, and of course I am SOOOO observant and they are SOOOO blind”…*barf*. Or perhaps maybe just focusing on what I want that I think I should have that I am not getting….respect, love, whatever…it is horrifyingly sinful and I get on that tour bus all the time! What in the world is wrong with ME? (See….there it is again!) “But enough about me, let’s talk about you…what do you think about me….” Ugh.

When we DO think of someone else, it is to either criticize, try to blame for why we are SO not holy in our reactions and thinking, or to use in some other ungodly way to make ourselves feel like we are SOOO much better Christians than THEY are, or rationalize how that person is either misunderstanding us, or how they are simply not appreciating the glorious godly creature that is ME…add your own….you know what they are. Oh, and don’t forget the gossip about how loooow someone is in the guise of a prayer request….Sound a bit prideful? A bit puffed up? A bit of the old fruit of the pharisee? (“Thank you God that I am not as bad as that man over there…”)

Okay, so….we know that our focus is to be on Christ and Him crucified, right? And that we are to do what pleases HIM, and not us, yeah? And that we are (supposedly) dead to self with a capital SELF….and dead people do not have ‘rights’, right? So what are we all doing (and yeah…I know you are doing it too…z’ok, it is not a secret) focusing on ourselves? Do we worship ourselves SO much that we cannot possibly let go of ourselves in the following of Jesus Christ?

Oh, that dreadful flesh!

So here is the deal…and how to state it without using any reference to self…um…THIS girl is sick and tired of MeVille! It is time to grow up and do what is the hardest thing to do…follow and obey HIM, thinking only of HIM, and caring only about HIM, loving HIM….anyone with me? 😉