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Too many people do not want to admit the actual spiritual condition of America. We like to claim it as a “Christian” Nation….so “Christian” that She murders her unborn almost faster than they can be conceived (more out of wedlock than in), and welcomes homosexual ‘pastors’ into Her pulpits under the guise of “Christian love” (No…love is speaking the truth, and wrenching people who are dangling by their toes on the precipice of Hell), and the ever popular “not being ‘judgmental'”….anything goes….just sign on the dotted line, say a prayer and live like hell, but you are ‘saved’….

Well the list goes on and on….

And God’s judgment on this Country is more than JUST….it is HOLY and it is happening because WE have allowed the USA to throw HIM out of just about everything (being such good Christians….*barf*)…..and as Anne Graham Lotz says….”Being the perfect Gentleman, He honored that”.

So…excellent sermon….because it is TRUTH. May God justice be swift, and may it bring many souls to genuine repentance and surrender to the ONLY way to the Father…Jesus Christ.

I just finished listening to this; do take some time to listen to John MacArthur's sermon concerning America. Listen or download here… … Read More

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