I was thinking the other day of just how ingrained the lie is of “I was born this way” in regards to homosexuality, is. It is one of Satan’s best deceptions, I’ll give him that, but it is refuted even by simple physiology.

IF God created a person to be homosexual (I said IF…He does not), then why would lesbian women even have a period, or homosexual men have sperm? Think about this…those are the two things required for procreation…which is what God made man and woman for…making babies in marriage.  And if you view it as a humanist, then ‘nature’ really messed up when ‘it’ gave them the ability to propagate the species, since they do not have all the correct ingredients within a ‘relationship’ to do that…and we all know that evolutionists would have a mind twisting field day trying to explain why the survival of the fittest would be such a failure in the homosexual situation. So…what is the deal here?

On one hand, homosexuals deny that they were created by God, for the most part, as a Creator would mean they are accountable for their sin, but on the other hand they try to use their God created bodily functions…women with fertile eggs seek sperm donors (ugh), men with…well, men seek egg donors…(again, ugh)…and they look to form, what God made…a family, only out of the wrong ingredients.  SO…What would the purpose of a fertile egg or sperm serve if a person was born with the propensity to not ever use them for what they are intended for? Women with women do not need to have eggs, and men with men do not need to have sperm.  So is the ‘being born this way’ a complete physiological error? Or can you pick the behavior to be born with, and ignore the functions that only serve a heterosexual? Apparently, you can…in twisted logic.

Did God mess up? Maybe some lesbian or gay Methodist or Lutheran or Presbyterian “pastor” can answer that for me…because if a person is born as a freak of nature (which is what ‘being born this way” is) then all of the proponents that ‘nature’ has ‘created’, should be in keeping with the mutation.  But it is not, now is it?

God created them man and woman…..one for the other, period. (no pun intended)