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This is from a godly brother who posted on my article…it is WELL worth sharing, as it further delineates the role of women and the subject:

“This article sums up very well the thoughts I have on this. The two things I …can certainly see as a trend amongst the “New Calvinist” folk is a) an idolatry of street preaching and b) a demolition of God-ordained restrictions for who can preach.

To many, as long as “you feel called” to street ministry, you’re meant to go straight out onto the streets. No accountability to the church is needed. No submission to elders required. No need to have your gifts tested to see whether you are indeed able to preach. ‘If you want to preach, get out there and fulfill the Great Commission’ is the common attitude of many.

I think that this attitude is very much linked to the rise of women street preachers. It feeds into the lawless, anti-authority mindset that many of the “new Calvinists” have – in stark contrast to what you see with the Puritans and the historic Reformed folk.

I am going to sound like a chauvinist here, but the truth is that married women are called to be helpmates to their husbands, pouring their lives into helping him establish a spiritual heritage and advance the Kingdom of God. They are *not* called to build their own independent spiritual legacy.

You see a beautiful illustration of this in the story of Aquila and Priscilla. In Acts 18:2-3, you see Priscilla working alongside her husband, Aquila, in their ‘family business’ of tent-making. Rather than being an independent worker, she works with her husband to further his work for God in society. And later on, in Acts 18:26, you see Priscilla working *with* her husband, in ministering to Apollos and helping Apollos better understand the truth of the Gospel. Priscilla, did not stand in the middle of the synagogue and engage Apollos in debate. Rather, exercising submission to her husband and showing herself to be his helpmate, she walked alongside her husband to correct Apollos.

Many will say that this is a restriction put on women. What about women who are ‘gifted to preach’? What about women who are passionate about teaching sound doctrine? What about women with a burden for souls? Simple answer: Have a quiverful of children and preach the Gospel to them every day! Involve yourself in the local church, and teach sound doctrine to the younger women in the Lord. Pour your lives out in praying for the souls of your lost children. And for those who in the Providence of God do not have a house full of children, still there remains the glorious ministry of teaching younger women to “love their husbands”, to be “self-controlled”, and “keepers of the home” (Titus 2:4-5). The missions field for women is not any smaller than the missions field for men.

On the contrary, think of the immense influence wielded by godly women. Think of Eunice and Lois who raised a fatherless Timothy, Paul’s dearest disciple and spiritual child. Think of Hannah who longed for, and prayed for a child and devoted her Samuel to the service of the Lord (1 Sam. 1:28). Think of Moses’ mother, Jochebed, who evaded the evil Egyptian authorities, and protected the life of her newborn son, who would lead an enslaved Israel out of the bondage of Israel, by the power of God (Exodus 2:3). Think likewise in church history of Sarah Edwards, who managed her husband’s household so well, that he was able to devote himself to prayer and the ministry of the Word. What amazing influence godly women are able to have, even within the sphere of their homes, serving their husbands, their children, and the women of the church?

Sadly, though, many restrict biblical teaching on submission just to the office of elder, forgetting that this is meant to carry over into every sphere of society. God does not call for women to rule over nations, or to independently lead businesses, or to preach with authority over men, either in the church or out of the church. This is because in every sphere of human life, He has ordained gender roles to reflect the glory of the Gospel.

As Christ submitted to the His Head, the Father, so women are called to submit to their heads, husbands (1 Cor. 11:3). And in particular, she is to submit to her husband, as the church submits to Christ, declaring to the evil, gender-neutral world, the riches and the glory of a Gospel in which Christ single-handedly washed His beloved Bride with His own blood to purify her, and in which this great love turned the Bride’s heart in perpetual love to her eternal husband, Christ. It is this glorious picture that is at stake, when biblical gender roles are opposed.”
~Aashik Rao

I can only add…Amen my brother! Women…please take heed!