I don’t know about you, but lately I have noticed just how much like the world supposed Christians truly are. Oh, they speak scripture-ese, they say “Amen!” in all the right places, they know all the right words….but their hearts….oh, their hearts!

Their hearts are cowardish and ‘tolerant’ and full of a devil’s theology of ‘love’. They refuse to speak out against those who would make a mockery of the Lord and His sacrifice on their behalf. They beat up on other Christians who refuse to compromise the Gospel. But oh, they are SO tolerant. Right….against apostasy and blatant heresy they are silent.

I recently had a run in with a ‘sister’ who spews out scripture like she’s some kind of Biblical Pez dispenser, and yet this woman, while believing that Heaven is eternal, refuses that Hell is, too.

Since when did the Bible become a pick and choose proposition? A little sanctification potpourri?

What in the world is going on here? What is to blame? Is it easy believism? Seeker Friendly churches who’s seekers find nothing but a cobweb version of Chrstianity? Is it the fact that most of us have lived in a culture that has devoured and vomited out Humanism upon the minds of the multitudes for so long that it has become, as they say, ingrained?

Or is is sin? Pure (if one can apply that word to it), unadulterated sin? Yep…that very unpopular word: SIN.

Oh, I know that it isn’t ‘inclusive’ to use the word. Guess what? Too bad.

For decades the church has slowly turned sin into “mistakes”, or “shortcomings”, or whatever name can be drummed up to not call a spade a spade. And as we have learned to see sin as a not so serious matter (God is love….), we also have become blind, not only to the truth in Scripture, but to the outright fruit of false conversion.

It IS easier that way. That way no one has to ruffle feathers, or rock the boat, or…speak the truth. But the cost is unimaginable. People are following after every false prophet that comes along. They are looking for their “best” DuJour, they are deifying goats and demonizing true Christ followers.

So, where are you in this? Did you say the ‘sinner’s prayer’, and you’re “all good!”? Do you know right from wrong theology? Do you remain silent when someone misuses, misquotes, or misappropriates God’s Word? Have you actually ever repented from breaking any one of ten of God’s laws??

The time is coming, and is now here, when those who are Christ’s true redeemed have to stand up, speak the truth (which, by the way, actually IS love), and refuse to back down to charlatans, “nice” Christians, and anyone who sullies the Holiness and Grace and Justice of the Lord our God.

Stop following after this world and the things in it! Stop following after every doctrinal thing that comes along! Stop following false prophets and teachers who do nothing more than tickle your ears and give you warm fuzzies! Stop!

If you claim to be a Christian, then follow Christ with everything you have. It will cost you more than you can imagine. You will lose friends, family, maybe everything. BUT, you will be His.

Will that be enough for you?